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Building Club, one of the most active and prominent student organizations of Yıldız Technical University since its establishment, has been operating since 2002.  

The club, whose target audience includes students interested in the building sector, generally includes students from the faculties of construction and architecture and various engineering students.

Aiming to develop students in terms of socio-cultural and business life, the club has been carrying out many different and exemplary projects in this context for more than 18 years. My First Helmet, organized by YTU Construction Club for the first time in Turkey in 2013, and Civil Istanbul at international level, organized since 2012, are the most comprehensive and continuous events. Apart from its traditional activities, it also organizes many career and social activities throughout the semester with its Civilart, Civilfun, SSP, Teknik Gezi, Master to Apprentice departments.

The club family strives to make students feel better about the privilege of being a star and to contribute to their personal development. Students who take part in club activities realize the importance of being a team and take on more active and social roles in their lives.

In short, the club can be defined as a bridge that brings the business sector together with students, enables them to know the professional world better, and allows for social and cultural development.

Adopting progress as a principle by enlarging its goals and expanding its vision, YTU Yapı Club continues in a club mission that is open to new ideas and development.

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