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What is IACES?
In 1989, Civil Engineering students from many European countries came together and held an academic congress. As a result of this congress, the International Association of Civil Engineering Students was established under the name of the International Association of Civil Engineering Students in order to improve the dialogue between Civil Engineering students in Europe. During the development process, a larger and more sustainable structure was created by reaching more than fifty universities. Iaces connects Civil Engineering students from different countries through local committees or university representatives, creating a common platform for organizing many different types of events. It offers the opportunity to look at Civil Engineering from a different perspective and get to know the cultures of different countries, thanks to activities such as various exchange programs, workshops and seminars, and competitions. By uniting on a common ground in different parts of the world, it gives the opportunity to develop new friendships and network since student years. We also operate on behalf of YTU Imk as the local committee of Iaces at Yıldız Technical University (LC Yıldız). We receive many applications through Iaces to the Civil Istanbul Engineering Conferences we organize every year, and we participate in events organized by other local committees.

LC YILDIZ: Hakkımızda

What is ACCESS?
The Academic Congress of Civil Engineering Students, which is hosted by a different local committee every year under the roof of Iaces, is the biggest event of Iaces as the International Civil Engineering Students Academic Congress. The event includes activities to promote the civil engineering discipline of the host university and country, such as technical trips, training, workshops, and competitions, as well as trips and activities to promote the history and culture of the country. Access, attended by representatives from each local committee, takes place in a friendly environment where representatives have the opportunity to exchange information about their local committees and gain new ideas. The general assembly held under the name of GAR is held within the scope of the organization held for a week. The new management and the local committee that will host Access for next year are elected at the general meeting where the local committees that are nominated to participate are voted, the regulations regarding Iaces are discussed and new proposals are discussed.

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