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İLKBARETİM: Özel Etkinlikler

My First Helmet, the role and importance of Civil Engineers in the construction of civilizations
to explain better to students and in the first step to the profession why this profession is the best in the world.
It has been arranged in order to better understand that it is one of the most important professions.
My First Helmet event, which was held for the first time in 2013, was the new winner in Civil Engineering.
A helmet-wearing night was organized for the students with their families and teachers. to the profession
In the first step they take, just like the white coat ceremonies of the students of the Faculty of Medicine, Construction
Students who will study engineering will also be motivated to their professions by wearing white helmets.
It is aimed to take steps in such a way. In addition, with the interviews about the promotions of the departments.
provided to reinforce their future professions.
Organized by YTU Building Club for the first time in Turkey in 2013, this event has many
He gained the admiration of the university club and became a pioneer for them. Also regular conference
As it has a different concept according to its activities, it is an interesting place by the sector.
seen as an organization.
In the first Helmet event, the departments are introduced by the department, sponsor companies
engineering and architectural philosophy orientation in the private sector, helmets and various gifts
distributed. A workshop was held last year in the event, which improves itself every year, and then
students were subjected to a competition and their listening, memory and ability knowledge were tested,
contributes to the learning of students and also helps them in the profession.
it makes them feel. In addition to the various draws held, there is a Technical Travel lottery.
The next day, students were given the opportunity to visit the office and the construction site. To these
In addition, participation certificates are given to the participants, documenting their participation in the event. This
To further improve the event, to close with a mini concert after the Helmet Ceremony.
It is one of the biggest goals.
Engineer and Architect candidate students and their families, professional chambers, YTU academic
personnel of various human generations, such as the masters of the sector, our graduates, the press.
participation contributes to making the event more prestigious and remarkable.

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